Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition of the Museum contains the exhibition Tilurij- Roman military camp, which represents the first ten years of research of the eponymous Roman legionary camp in the village Gardun near Trilj. The locality has been continuously and systematically researched since 1997 under the supervision of Mirjana Sanader, PhD, and the Department of Archaeology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb.

The research resulted in impressive relicts of architecture and numerous mobile findings which are conserved and presented in Trilj Regional Museum. More than 300 artefacts are on exhibit, which testify to the intensity of life in legionary camp Tilurij from the 1st century AD until the Late Roman Period. Numerous findings of military and horse equipment, kitchen inventory, coins, medical equipment and various other useful and decorative artefacts, alongside with cognitions derived from relics of architecture, provide us with a complete picture of life of Roman legionaries in military camp Tilurij.

Museum also exhibits the Ethnographic collection which contains over 200 artefacts and reflects the rural way of life in Trilj region during the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The collection was made possible thanks to donations of private collectors in a grand action of gathering of ethnographic material, which was carried out by the Museum and associates upon its opening. Artefacts are connected to the history of everyday life and they represent old methods of working the land, preparing food, making of textile and clothing pieces, as well as traditional costumes.

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